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Class List & Schedule

Class Schedule 2016

Tae Kwon Do

Monday 6:15pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:15am

First Single Class is Free*
Monthly Unlimited $50.00
Drop-Off Single Class $5.00

Private Lessons During Weekends - Book a Tae Kwon Do Instructor for Single Private Lesson at $50.00

Yoga & Aerial Yoga

9:00am    Aerial Flow Yoga Level 1
11:00am  All levels Yoga Class
12:15pm  Yoga for Lunch
5:45pm    All Levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga
7:00pm     Learn to Fly Aerial Yoga

9:30am    Senior Yoga Flow Class
10:30am  Beginner Yoga Class
12:00pm  Yoga for Lunch
4:30pm    Aerial Yoga Flow Level 1
5:45pm    All Levels  Yoga Class
7:00pm    Aerial Yoga Core/Sculpt

9:30am    Learn to Fly Aerial Yoga

11:00am  Corporate Yoga Class

12:00pm Corporate Yoga Class
4:00pm    Aerial Youth Flow Class
5:45pm    All Levels Yoga Class


10:30am  Aerial Yoga  Flow Class
12:00pm  Yoga for Lunch
4:30pm    Learn to Fly Aerial Yoga
5:45pm    All Levels Yoga Class
7:00pm    Aerial Silks Yoga

9:00am  Beginner Yoga Class

10:00am Aerial Yoga
12:00pm  Yoga for Lunch
5:45pm    Happy Hour Yoga

9:00am    All level Yoga Class
10:45am  Aerial Yoga Class
1:00pm    Aerial Yoga Swing Date
2:00pm    Aerial Yoga Swing Date

Inquire About Special Workshops and Parties

Regular Yoga Classes

• First Regular Yoga Class is Free*
• New Students $50.00 One Month Unlimited*

• Drop-Off Single Class $10.00
• 5 Classes $35.00
• 10 Classes $65.00

• 20 Classes $120.00

• Private Yoga Class for 90 Minutes $50.00  

Aerial Yoga Classes

Call 24 hours prior to class to reserve your spot. Payment is required before any class.

Packages (12 months expiration)

5 Classes $85.00 | 10 Classes $160.00 | Unlimited monthly $100 | Youth Aerial Yoga $100

Singe Aerial Yoga Class $15.00 | Donation class $10.00