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Improve Your Health with Yoga Classes

The T Spot Yoga and Fitness in Green Bay, Wisconsin, provides yoga classes that enhance both your physical fitness and state of mind. We offer group exercises for all levels of experience and even have specialty classes for those looking to expand their practice. Whether practicing Yoga or Tae Kwon Do, let us help you take the first step on the road to a healthier life.

Yoga Hammocks for Aerial Yoga

The Perfect Place for Beginners

Our beginner yoga class is a great way to break into practicing yoga in your daily life. Improving your physical fitness becomes easier every day with emphasis on posture, foundation, and alignment of the body.

Yoga for All Levels

Our all-levels yoga class mixes new students with experienced ones for an exercise experience that helps you maintain and expand your technique. Great for active or athletic individuals, this class teaches standing, balancing, seated, and supine asana postures with several pranayama breathing techniques. Enhance your strength, flexibility, alignment, and breath mastery in the same class.

Sculpting Your Body

Experience a total body workout with yoga sculpt classes set to energizing music that complements your regular yoga practice. Designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group, this session boosts your metabolism, while pushing your strength and flexibility to new levels. We incorporate exercises such as squats, lunges, and bicep and triceps curls to build lean muscles. Free weights are added to the sequence to gradually increase resistance and intensity, so your body has to constantly adapt.

Turning Your World Upside Down with Aerial Yoga

Drop your expectations at the door and prepare for a new experience that opens your mind. Trust in your hammock and be amazed at how much you can accomplish, even if you've never taken a yoga class before. Accessible for all ages, bodies, and fitness levels, aerial yoga provides many benefits, including:

  • • Decompress the Spine
  • • Boost Strength & Flexibility
  • • Total Body Workout
  • • Inner Body Reactivation
  • • Psychologically Beneficial

• Increase Creativity, Which Leads to developing your Own Artistic Skills
• Live with More Joy & Optimism

A Variety of Classes

In addition to the classes listed above, we provide a number of other yoga-related group exercises. These include:

• Yoga Meditation & Relaxation
• Chair Flow Vinyasa Yoga (Seniors)

• Parent & Child (Strong Walkers - 3 Years Old)
• Family Yoga Class (4 Years Old - 10 Years Old)